Kotryna Temcinaite

kotryna-temcinaite_150x174My name is Kotryna, I’m the Research Communications Officer at Diabetes UK, so there’s no surprise that my blog posts are all about research! Before I joined Diabetes UK I spent four years in the lab doing cancer research, earning a PhD. I realised I loved talking about science and listening or reading about the achievements of researchers. So here I am with your updates from the science world.

I’d like to see people embracing science, even if the last time they were taught it was in high school. The same stigma doesn’t apply to arts, music, and literature – we’re not afraid to talk about it – and I would very much like for science to be the same. During my spare time I can be spotted in cinemas or in the middle of nowhere on the top of a hill, and from time to time with my hands in a bowl of dough.

If you want to stay more up to date with what’s happening in the Research Team at Diabetes UK, you can also follow us on Twitter @DUK_Research.

And just as a side note – fluffy dogs are the best. Try this as a Google picture search term on a bad day.

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