Dan Howarth

Dan Howarth is Head of Care at Diabetes UK. He is a clinical nurse specialist in diabetes and has been for 12 years. His clinical work has been in Manchester and Cheshire, UK  and in Auckland, New Zealand. Dan has a sub specialty of emergency (inpatients) diabetes care and insulin (including pumps and Type 1 education). He is a DAFNE educator and Insulin Pump trainer.

Dan has a strong passion for educating others about diabetes and when he worked for the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), he travelled to many areas of the world teaching health professionals about diabetes. Dan often uses his free time to volunteer overseas to teach non-diabetes specialists and this combines his love of diabetes with his love of travel.

Dan has had Type 1 diabetes since 1992 and became a specialist because of the inspirational care given to him by his team at the beginning of his diabetes life.  Originally from Warrington, Dan is a big rugby fan and follower of the Warrington Wolves, however has yet to find a venue or mutual supports in his new adopted home of London.

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