Jen Grieves

jen-150x150Jen was diagnosed with Type 1 in 1996 – nine days before her ninth birthday.

As an active child her diabetes never stopped her doing anything – dance classes, football, holidays, sleepovers and all the rest. But after coming out of university having neglected her control somewhat, she started up her blog, Young Fun and Type 1, and hasn’t stopped writing since about the trials, tribulations and mishaps that her and her diabetes have stumbled into upon the way (although she always comes out laughing!).

Jen took on the ultimate challenge in 2013 when she cycled to Paris and then ran a half marathon a week later, all to raise money for Diabetes UK. She is a huge advocate of exercising to help diabetes control – and has a deep love affair with her bike, and a slightly less deep love affair with the gym.

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Find Jen on Twitter @MissJenGrieves.