Andy Broomhead


andy-broomhead-150-x150My name is Andy and I’ve had Type 1 diabetes since October 2001. It’s probably taken me the best part of a decade to fully understand the effect of having diabetes has had on all aspects of my life (both physical and emotional).

I started using an insulin pump in January 2013 and I feel like it’s had a really positive effect on my ability to manage my diabetes. I’m Head of Volunteering at Diabetes UK as well as the chairman of my local Diabetes UK group in Sheffield.

I’ve been blogging for Diabetes UK since late 2012, talking about my experiences, successes and frustrations with diabetes. Blogging has been really important for me – it’s made me see how other people face the same frustrations and share the same successes that managing diabetes can bring and the idea that I’m not alone in living with diabetes has made a huge difference to me.

You can follow me on Twitter at @BroomOwl and read my other, sometimes infrequent blog.

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