Coping with Type 1 as a newly diagnosed teen – by Lydia Amaranath

Lydia made it to her school prom despite being diagnosed with diabetes just two nights before. She recalls her journey since.

It’s been about 4 months or so since I was diagnosed with type one diabetes. My journey so far has been a crazy roller-coaster. I’ve been having many breakdowns and to be honest, I still do. It’s been really tough coping with it.

Injecting is becoming a bother. I mean, no one wants to be jabbing a needle into their skin daily. It’s something I have to unfortunately deal with. It’s a part of my life now and I’m honestly trying my hardest to not let it destroy me, my hopes, my dreams… my Life. I am trying my best and that’s the only thing I can do right now.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Thankful for love

I still have flashbacks of being in hospital and experiencing those moments I had. As a 16-year-old teen you go through emotional rides in general and having diabetes added on, it’s definitely not the best ride to be on BUT if I never got the support and love from family, friends and most importantly God then, I really don’t know how I would be coping. Even though I’m struggling, I still have people there who help and care for me and I couldn’t be thankful enough.

Changing the way I eat

I have made a few tweaks in my life here and there, one thing I’ve changed is the way I eat. I think I mentioned this in my diagnosis story but I never ate three meals a day. I was always snacking a lot. So, since I’ve been diagnosed to now, I’ve been and still am eating three meals a day and snacking in between.

I am also being cautious of what I eat. If something I want to eat has a lot of carbs or sugar, I’ll make sure to take some extra insulin in order for my sugar levels to be in the “normal” range or try to be. I have had some struggles in college. Sometimes I’d go really weak and I’d need to eat something quick. There was one time where I felt my heart going mental, my body heated up and I was shaking loads. My friend told me to take my glucose tablets and they help bring up my sugars a bit faster. I also snacked on some stuff too as I was still a bit shaky.

Doing it properly

I always need to carry around snacks in case I feel a bit weak. It is frustrating because I have to make sure I have everything with me before I leave the house. I need to make sure I have my needles, my insulin pen, my glucose kit, glucose tablets, snacks etc but these are things which are needed and if I want to look after myself, I need to do it properly.

I know it’s been a couple of months and I’m still finding it difficult but people deal with things differently. I’m just not used to everything yet.

Talk to someone

I know I’m making diabetes sound like the worse thing possible and I understand people go through a lot more in their lives and I can’t possibly imagine how they must coping.

The best thing possible is to support each other and help one another. I’ve been getting incredible help from people I love and I do my best to try talk to someone when needed. I suggest you do the same if you haven’t already.

If you’re living with diabetes and you’re struggling too, just know that you are NOT the only one and whenever you feel low and miserable, talk to someone. I know talking to someone sounds like rubbish advice but I’ve been doing it and it’s so so helpful.

Letting your emotions out to someone you trust, lifts a lot of weight off your shoulders. You don’t need to be doing this alone.

Also, this doesn’t mean you need to say absolutely everything to someone all in one go, take your time with it and most importantly, make sure you feel comfortable.

I’ve been looking into it and I MIGHT try a diabetes support group – that could help some people. Being amongst other people who are living with the same thing as you. You get to listen to their story and share things together. That way, you really won’t feel alone because you would be surrounded by people who are in the same position as you.

I will continue my journey and handle things slowly. Everything takes time and I’m hoping it will become a routine soon or even better, I’m hoping I get healed because that would be one miracle I’d love to see happen in my life right now. It’s all about time and patience. Don’t let anything knock you down. Everything will fall into place eventually.

“Be patient. Everything is coming together.”

Lyds x

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