Groundbreaking new partnership for Diabetes UK – by Chris Askew

Today, at Diabetes UK we’ve shared the great news that we will be continuing as a partner of Tesco, by being a part of a new, long term 4-way Health Partnership, formed of Tesco, Cancer Research UK and British Heart Foundation, launched today under the banner ‘Little helps to healthier lives’.

Working with Tesco over the last five years has meant vital funding for new areas of research and services for all people with diabetes, as well as helping us to reach millions of people to help them to make healthier choices. In the last three years alone, our National Charity Partnership (NCP) has raised £25 million to fund work here and at British Heart Foundation, and we have set up new projects aimed at preventing Type 2 diabetes by helping families take small steps to better health, and also prevent heart and circulatory disease. Over 1.2 million people signed-up, each making a pledge to change their behaviour and live more healthily.

Working in partnership

But as a nation we continue to face a major challenge to live more healthily and risk of Type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease represent major societal challenges. Here at Diabetes UK, we know that we cannot achieve our vision of a world where diabetes can do no harm, without working in partnership with others. As partners, Tesco, Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation and ourselves are committed to working together to help us all lead healthier lives, through shopping more healthily, eating better and moving more and this is an unrivalled opportunity to bring those messages to all those millions who work and shop at Tesco.

At the same time, the partnership will bring vital funds to our wider work in diabetes, through funding the highest quality research and providing services and support to those who need it.

Big challenges require big solutions and a ground-breaking partnership of this scale offers just that. We look forward to sharing updates with you along the way, as well as opportunities to get involved.

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