Say hello to Jen, our new video blogger

We’re really pleased to post the first video blog from Jen Grieves who has kindly agreed to contribute to our site. Jen has had Type 1 diabetes for 16 years and wants to share her experiences with you.

We hope you enjoy watching – and remember you can comment below and share this with your friends too.

Jen has a blog of her own that you can read called Young, Fun and Type 1, and you can also follow her on Twitter at @missjengrieves.

Udpate: Jen’s also written a piece on her blog site about why she’s doing this for us. Do check it out.

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Fantastic video. All the things that happen to us diabetics but people are just to scared to talk about. I openly talk about mine at least then the people around me don’t stare when I get my needles out at lunch time. I inject when I’m out i dont go running off and hiding cause why should I? I’ve had it for 28 years now and can only say that so long as things go as well as they have been then I’ll continue doing what I’m doing along with the great support from the hospital and doctors.

I did not like this blog one bit! She rambled on about all the mistakes she made in her diabetes care and made it come across, as well, insignificant. I was not impressed whatsoever! By the way, I have type 1 for 42 years and I just wonder if she would have been so bouncy if she had suffered the extremely poor quality care/regimes in the bygone days.

Thanks Jen, I might be type 2 but being on Insulin and fully understand what you are saying.

Finally I’ve found a person my too cool for school teenage daughter can relate too.
I woke her up this morning and said look at this! It’s the first time I’ve seen her smile in that “yeah I know exactly what you mean, that’s how I feel” kind of way.
Brilliant!!!! When’s the next blogg? My daughter is wondering how did you survive the hypo in a 3 mile tail back?

Rachel x

Hello Jen.

I was diagnosed 24 years ago and it’s a bitch, yes, but am so used to in now that it doesn’t matter any more – I just get on with it..

I was in hospital recently for major surgery and had a hell of a job persuading the staff that I am better able to attend to my own diabetes than wait for the SHO to turn up and write out a ‘sliding scale’ (when my BM was 27.7 and risk of infection of post op wounds…). Let’s face it – we are all different and my own insulin usage is related to a very active life rather than a week of indolence in a hospital bed.
I’ll put a link to your videoblog on my Fbook, if that’s okay.

Hello Jen,
What an honest, refreshing, fun start to your blog about Type I. I have lived with diabetes since i was little as my dad got it aged 23yrs (he is now retired, 67yrs old and a fit and healthy grandad!!), to my utter shock, my 9yr old daughter Sophie was diagnosed with Type I, 7 weeks ago!! She is the most beautiful, brave, courageous and special girl in the world and is accepting this condition with a positive attitude and we are inspired by her, as are her teachers, friends and family.
I know she sometimes feels ‘alone’ and so can’t wait to show her your blog when she gets home from school, I think it will make her laugh and let her know she is NOT alone!! Thanks a million Jen, and keep up the blogs x

Hi Jen can relate to all your saying excellent insight.
My prob is in the morning, blood sugars always high.
Was advised to set alarm for 2-3 am and have a dose LOL
Look forward to next installment

I am new to Diabetes UK which is shameful after having type 1 for 31 years but I am so glad I am here. Better late than never. I loved your blog. It is great to know that other people mess up sometimes! I think diabetes can be very isolating so having virtual contact with other people with diabetes will be reassuring. Look forward to the next installment.

Yea you got it, you know just how it is. It is a pain in the arse (or where ever else you inject). Nice to hear that some else struggles with it as well, and it not just me. Thanks. And I am looking forward to next one.

Go Jen! That was really good. Diabetes completely sucks but you made it worth listening too. Skillzzzzzzzzz

Great introduction…. Looking forward to next episode.
Been type 1 for nearly 20 years and still have the odd bad day here and there thankfully not too often though.

Ab Fab, the most realistic approach and just how I see it. I’m not Diabetic but my husband two sons and a nephew are. “Live with Diabetes” Don’t dismiss it BUT don’t let it rule you.

Welcome, Jen. A very nice cheerful start to your blog. I, like you, have had Type 1 for many years, in my case 6o. In the old days of long, glass syringes that had to be boiled to sterilize them, etc!! My problem is that I have just (July 2011) also been diagnosed as having Coeliac Disease. Now that has really rocked the apple cart! I loathe it, the CD, that is. The diabetes was well organised, my weight stayed the same and now I have put on too much weight, am angry, frustrated and totally unbalanced diabetically!
Hey ho such is life. Welcome to the my real world, folks!!

Hi Jen. I have only had t1 for 4 months and i keep on getting told off by my nurses for when somthing goes a little bit wrong and let me say that you are bang on for saying that t1 is a bit*** and i am sure people could say a lot more i know i could. I look forward to seeing your next video.

Really enjoyed listening to Jen’s blog… everything you mentioned is defo things Ive done,said or thought- some all 3 at the same time lol. Well done Jen x

Good one, as a diabetic with type 1 for 43 years I always thought I was the only one doing things, er, as a bit of a bodge! I’ll look forward to hearing more.

Fabulous, think it sums up just about everybody who has diabetes, looking forward to next blog.

Brill 1st instalment, you actually make diabetes sound fun !! lol
Diabetes is a constant struggle and its reassuring to know i’m not the only person in the whole world to ever have it !! ( thats what it usually feels like .. )
thanks x

hi its good to see you on here jen, my grandson has been just diagnosed type 1 diabetus he has to have 4 injections a day and the diet as well, his mum is a single parent so its hard for her as well getting used to all the changes in lifestyle etc, but shes doing well and so his the little man hes 6 years old. thanks paulette x

Great fun intro, looking forward to future episodes :) I think you’re right in your summation, type 1 is a bit of a *****.