How to survive the Karaoke Summer – Helen May

Here Comes the Sun and I can feel myself smiling. I love the Summertime: the chance to spend more time outside, feel the warmth of the sun and the longer lighter evening. A chance to throw off my jumpers and jackets; a chance to eat outside with picnics and barbecues; a chance to stay outside whilst it is still light and warm into the evening; a chance to go on long walks without carrying a backpack full of spare fleeces and a thermos of soup; a chance to eat wonderful fresh vegetables; a chance to experiment with new and interesting salads. For me it’s Always the Sun.

But for some it can be a Cruel Summer. Whilst the Boys of Summer are having a kick about using their t-shirts as goal posts, you are hiding away in doors avoiding the pollen and hayfever; whilst the Summer Girls are playing in the pool, you are avoiding the Sunny Side of the Street and hiding in the shade because one ray of sunlight will turn your pure white skin the colour of a Rock Lobster; whilst it seems as if every one is looking cool and sophisticated in their linen trousers, you are constantly wiping your sweated brow.

When you add diabetes, you may want to be Staying out for Summer but the heat, sun burn, and hay fever all affect your blood glucose. Your diet changes; your routine changes as school/college finishes or you go on holiday; you can’t sleep in the Heat of the Night.

But it doesn’t have to all be Summertime Sadness if you remember some simple rules:

  • Whether you are spending your Summer in the City or summer on a Plastic Beach, remember your sun screen every day. There are some great small bottles around now that can join your diabetes kit to remind you to top up throughout the day.
  • During your Sunny Afternoon, don’t forget to keep hydrated: drink plenty of water. Whilst it may be tempting to think “I am a Cider Drinker“, alcohol will dehydrate not rehydrate.
  • Enjoy the Salad Days and take a break from the hearty winter meals. Most people eat less when it’s hot and this is a great chance to enjoy the taste of local fresh fruit and vegetables or some fish on the barbecue. You’ll probably find you eat less carbs.
  • Don’t forget to look after your diabetes kit when The Heat is On. Insulin does not like to get too hot so keep it out of direct sunlight and, if you are going to be in the sun for a long period, think about investing in a Frio wallet to keep it cool.
  • Dress to be Daddy Cool. Loose clothing in natural fibres is usually coolest but remember strong sun may make it through some thinner fabrics.
  • You Can Leave Your Hat On. A hat with a wide brim or peak will keep the sun out of your eyes and reduce the chances of getting heat stroke.
  • Remember the Green Green Grass of Home and don’t forget to take your hayfever medication.

It may not be Summer Loving for everyone but, in the UK it’s not hot and sunny All Summer Long. So In the Summertime make the most of the extra sunlight and avoid The Summertime Blues.

Finally, all that remains is a chance for some Walking on Sunshine and memories of The Summer of ’69 (but not from me, because I am too young).



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