My first blog post

Almost five years ago, I noticed a change in me. I felt exhausted 24/7, but wasn’t a 24 hour party person. I was constantly thirsty, so much so that I would manage to get through about four litres of water, or fizzy drinks, or whatever else I could find, between the time I went to bed and the time I woke. I was aware of the symptoms of diabetes, so, when my mum finally made an appointment with my GP, I went along suspecting, without ever really expecting, a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes.

I spent a week in hospital, being shown how to inject insulin and monitor my blood sugar levels, and I went straight back to my college course in Cork, Ireland, determined not to be slowed down by diabetes. For the first year or so, I slipped easily into a routine of dealing with things and I wondered what all the fuss was about. In August of the same year, I moved to Edinburgh, where I still live now, to start a university course in Journalism.

I thought things would get easier, but as it turns out, the more time passes, the harder I’ve found it to stay in control of my diabetes. For a while now, I’ve felt more like my diabetes is controlling me, when ideally it should be the other way around. I find getting the balance really difficult, trying to take enough insulin to keep my blood sugars under control while simultaneously trying desperately to avoid the dreaded hypo. What’s more, I work in a busy café, on my feet all day, with erratic breaks and long shifts, making hypos a more common occurrence than I would like.

So, sick of struggling and feeling more and more disillusioned, I have started to seek out some extra help with things and own my diabetes! I am visiting a dietician and diabetic specialist nurse frequently, and am finding the regular point of contact more motivating and so I’m finally seeing some results. It’s just been a few months now, and already they’ve said they can see a change in me. The person sitting in front of them is no longer a fatigued, frustrated and despairing young woman, but someone much more upbeat, positive and determined to continue to change for the better. I finally feel like I’m in the driving seat, like I’m finally in control, and like I might actually reach my destination after spending so long feeling lost.

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Hello Becca,

Sorry to hear you’re having such a hard time. It’s great you’ve asked others to share their experiences, and we hope that reading some of what our bloggers have to say has helped a little?

In terms of support, there’s lots out there and speaking to others can really help. Our Facebook page is a brilliant source of help for people with diabetes, as is our Diabetes Support forum. We’re lucky to have lots of people using these sites who are willing to offer their own advice based on their experiences, and it can be great to hear you’re not alone in what you’re going through.

If there’s anything else we can do to help, please do let us know. Oh, and you could also get in touch with our Careline who are wonderful and can offer some brilliant support too :)

Diabetes UK

This is all new to me…writing blog posts that is. Unfortunately diabetes isn’t..8 years this December, but feels like 8 months. I have a pump, but diabetes rules me, Im not in control I try hard but am not rewarded. I HATE IT… I dread my consultations, and am now hating testing my blood sugars, I know it’ll be a ‘bad’ result…would love to hear from others who too struggle..I feel I must be the worst diabetic ever!!

Hi Christian,

Hope you’re doing ok – gastric bands are not always suitable for everyone but you should discuss this with your doctor if you feel it would help you. From our website about them:

“Weight-loss surgery can be a way of losing significant amounts of weight for people who are severely overweight. However, surgery does have serious associated risks and should only be considered only if sustained attempts to lose weight through diet and lifestyle changes have been unsuccessful.”

We’ve got lots of information on our website that will help you too with your new diagnosis, and you can call our Careline on 0845 120 2960 if you would like to speak to anyone.

Diabetes UK.

yesterday 08/12/10 i was diagnosed with type two diabeties i am obese but fo 4 years i’ve been asking my doctor for a gasrtic band i think this would not of happened if they gave me the go ahead lately i’ve been suffering with dizzy spells and anxiety yesterday i lost hearing in my left ear it has’nt hit me whats instore as time goes by

It’s good to hear you not longer feel that way and you are now more positive and determined.

I go to a diabetes support group called Circle D ( and I find that talking to someone else and sharing experiences helps me alot. Its nice to have someone to talk to, who goes through the same thing. Maybe there is a support group in Edinburgh?