Diabetes care transformation on the way thanks to campaigners and NHS staff – by Chris Askew

Today at Diabetes UK we are celebrating years of hard work as the NHS has decided which local areas have won bids from a £40 million fund to improve diabetes care in England.

This news comes after thousands of campaigners joined together to write letters, sign petitions and meet with MPs and NHS managers.

Together we’ve convinced the NHS that better care will not only improve the lives of people with diabetes but also save money.

The £40 million will improve diabetes care in four areas. It will:

1. Help more people attend education courses so they can better understand their diabetes
2. Improve diabetes care for people in hospitals
3. Make it easier for people to see footcare teams if they’ve got foot problems
4. Help more people lower their HbA1c, blood pressure and cholesterol

You can find out if your local area has received any of the money for improving diabetes care on our website.

Areas that have not been successful this time – especially those who have the greatest need to improve – are going to be given extra time and help to improve their plans so they can also bid for funds to improve their services and the care they provide.

Getting to this point has required a huge amount of extra work from people working inside the health service. At a time when they are already at full stretch, people in the NHS have gone above and beyond to put together bids for money to make change in their local areas and improve care for people with diabetes.

Ultimately, it is the commitment of NHS staff working in diabetes that makes me confident that this money will be well spent.

Diabetes UK now stands ready to work with the NHS to help all areas improve their services.

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