Know diabetes. Fight diabetes – by Chris Askew

This week is Diabetes Week, our annual awareness-raising campaign and our theme is ‘Know Diabetes. Fight Diabetes’ which many of you will recognise as our new strapline.

This year we’re raising awareness of the essential work Diabetes UK does in helping people to know their diabetes, and in fighting the challenges that diabetes presents. And we’re asking our supporters what ‘Know Diabetes. Fight Diabetes’ means to them.

We don’t think there’s anything more important than knowledge when it comes to living with diabetes. Knowledge – when given to the right person, in the right way, at the right time – can transform someone’s life. We know the more knowledge people have about their diabetes, the more they can control it. And that means people can live a life where diabetes doesn’t control them.

If ‘know’ is the head of the organisation, ‘fight’ is the heart.

We know some supporters may have difficulty with the word fight, but for us, it’s an important part of who we are.

Fight Diabetes isn’t about someone fighting their diabetes, although we know for some people it can be a battle. Fighting diabetes is about us all working together to fight the challenges that diabetes brings. It’s a condition that affects millions and can cause terrible complications and is often underestimated, misunderstood and not prioritised.

Together we fight to make sure everyone with diabetes gets the care they need, wherever or whoever they are. We fight to stop people with diabetes being discriminated against. We fight to increase understanding and awareness of the condition.
We fight for a world where diabetes can do no harm.

And we want more people to join our fight and find out how we can help them to know more about their diabetes.

That’s why Diabetes Week is so important.

Our supporters and volunteers work tirelessly all year round to engage with their local communities and to promote the work that we do for and with people with diabetes. Diabetes Week gives us the chance to celebrate our supporters and, together, make sure more people than ever know how we can help them and how serious diabetes is.

We work with healthcare professionals throughout the year and Diabetes Week is our chance to champion their tireless work. This week, along with sharing their top tips for better diabetes care, we demonstrate how we work together to improve care for people with diabetes.

All week we’ll have some great stories about how our supporters are fighting diabetes and knowing diabetes. And we want to hear from you. Join the conversation and tell us what you’re doing. You can also download our posters and put them up at your local surgery, community club or school.

By the end of this Diabetes Week we hope you and your friends know a little more about the condition and what we do.

And we hope you’ll be part of the fight.

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