I’ll get by with a little help from my friends – by Vicky Larkin

We’re now half way in to the Swim 22 challenge and I’m definitely improving. I’ve had a couple of swimming lessons from my friend Amanda who has been very patient and encouraging. She’s worked her magic and I can now swim breast stroke with my head under water! I couldn’t do it without my goggles and a nose clip but at least now my neck doesn’t hurt.

I’ve even managed to swim 70 lengths – the most I’ve done yet. I like to mix it up with a spot of back stroke now and again but still can’t do front crawl. I just can’t get the timing and breathing right but will keep practicing…

I’ve just finished reading a very apt and inspiring book called Leap In by Alexandra Heminsley. It’s her story of being a novice swimmer to overcoming her fear of swimming in the sea. I could definitely relate to a lot of things she said and laughed out loud a lot. It made me realise that with determination, practise and a good pair of goggles I will get better! It also confirmed that I am actually really enjoying this challenge and can even say I look forward to my swims (something I never thought).

I was on track to finish the challenge on time, however, I’m off on holiday to Sri Lanka for three weeks. As we’re going to be travelling around and staying in basic accommodation with not a swimming pool in sight, I’m going to be very behind when I get back at the start of May. Slightly worrying, as I’ll have less than three weeks to swim 10 miles! I could swim in the sea but the thought of that terrifies me. If the water is very calm I might consider it but how would I count my lengths?! I’ll let you know in my next blog…

11 April stats (half way through Swim 22)

Lengths: 50
Time: 40 mins
Stroke: Breast stroke and back stroke
Head under water: Yes (with goggles and nose clip)!
Place on Swim 22 leaderboard: 325
Badges earned: Turtle chaser, Dolphin rider, Whale tamer and Shark Dodger
Total miles completed: 12.01 out of 22

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