Pound for Miles – it’s official, by Simon Finch

So, the Pounds for Miles HQ is up and running.

Possibly an exaggeration with calling it an HQ… it’s my study. But Diabetes UK have lent me a pop-up banner to use at some of the events I’m going to be doing.

Rather than it be redundant when not in use, I’ve got it up in my study. Basically to remind me why I’m doing this fundraising challenge. As if I really need reminding, my legs now have a constant dull ache.

We’re now into the third month of this and I’ve done almost 300 miles towards the target.. but.. thanks to the generosity of those around me, I’m actually further away from finishing than I was when I started.

At time of writing this, I’ve got to do over 1,600 miles, meaning I’ve still got over 1,300 miles to go.

Am I going backwards?

It kind of feels like it. Yesterday I did a 10km run, about 6 miles, then the evening my friend Dale chucked in another tenner. So for the day, I went backwards 4 miles?!

Taking the positive out of it, the fundraising is going forwards.

Diabetes UK have been great. I met with Charlotte, one of the fundraising team last week, so I’ve got the kit: buckets to collect the shrapnel (from my work colleagues after their Tesco lunch), money boxes, awareness literature, balloons, the crazy blue hair and, of course, the Diabetes UK running vest.

On the subject of the collection bucket.. the irony wasn’t lost on me, or the team, when the bucket was placed in the ‘middle’ table – where all the cakes, biscuits, and sweets go normally.

I’m not sure it will stop most of them, but it might make them think twice.

I did my first race of the year on Sunday, The Winchester 10k. It was tough.

Hilly and slightly damp, but, It was a great run accompanied by David and Claire from the local gym, they made it a good one to do. David dragged me around the final 5k as I was flagging, taking my Dad out for a few Birthday Beers and a curry the night before I don’t think helped. An average time in 45:14.

I have to say, afterwards, I was drained. I’d hate to know what my sugar levels were after that run, but I reflect and know that I’m the lucky one. I don’t have to worry too much about being low and after the race, I top myself up whilst again not having to worry about any complex equation of how much insulin I’ll need to balance it all out.

Having a few races in the diary is helping in that I’ve got things to (slightly) look forward to rather than the pounding of the pavement or ‘dreadmill’.

Let me know if you know of any I can join in with you at. #TeamDUK

Speak soon.


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