Too late to back out of my diabetes fundraising challenge – Simon Finch

I took the first month of my fundraising challenge as a trial period, without telling anyone of the ‘potential plan’.

I had worked out that if Monday to Friday I did a 5k, then that, with a few other top up rides, swims and events, I’d reach the 1,000 mile target.

So, I started running…and running… and running. Day by day, I chipped away a few miles, did a few rides and at the end of the month totted up the miles.

I was pretty much there in terms of pro rata milage for the month.

‘That is it then, I have to try and do it’ I thought to myself.

28th Jan 2017, I set up the Just Giving page.

£60 in the first day wasn’t too bad! Friends Ben and Frankie chipped in, Em’s Mum and Dad, and Lou Drayton all straight in there to help the mission.

£180 in the first weekend then £520 in the first week!

Now I was proud, grateful, pleased but also scared.

It was real, it was happening and I can’t back out now. I’d be letting people down, and I’d feel like I’d cheated them.

So it was on. Pounds for Miles was official.

Month two was underway and I felt each mile in my legs.

Everyone was saying ‘Your running must be coming on’? NOPE!

I’m getting slower, the miles are taking their toll and I’ve not got the normal recovery time to fix the legs.

But I’m not doing this as it’s easy, or to improve my running. I just need to get through the distance.

The problem…on the 16th February, was I broke the £1,000 barrier.

So now I’m on the ‘for every pound I raise I’ll do an extra mile stage’.

Things are about to get painful.

Wish me luck!

Speak soon.


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