Suffering a little to help people with diabetes like my partner – Simon Finch

“Ingenious” “Crazy” “Clever” “Original” all words that I’ve heard about the 1,800 fundraising challenge I’ve set myself.

I’m privileged and proud to be asked to blog about why I’m putting myself through this and update you all about my journey as it unfolds, all in support of Diabetes UK.

In this blog, I wanted to give up the background as to “why” and my thoughts on the challenge itself.

So.. where do I start.

I guess a bit about me? Simon Finch, 30, living on the South Coast, ‘fairly fit’, working with local businesses by day and fighting Diabetes all day, everyday.

When I say fighting Diabetes, not like (I’m guessing) most of you reading this. I fight it with and for, my amazing partner (Emma) who is Type 1.

I say amazing, and she is in so many ways, but specifically for living with and managing Type1.

I know she doesn’t have a choice but to live with it. But that in itself I think is hard.

She was diagnosed at 18, a bit of a set back as she was entering her party years. We were ‘just friends’ then. Fast forward 6 years and we finally started seeing each other. As our journey and adventures unfolded, so did my understanding of Diabetes. Highs, Lows, worries of ‘what if’, holiday planning, clinics, check ups, pumps, Ketones.. I’m not sure why I’m listing them, you probably already know!

I can’t take Diabetes away from Emma, or you perhaps, but you live with it everyday. What I can do, is try to suffer a little everyday in my own way, to raise awareness for a charity that means a lot to me, and possibly you.

The challenge:

I said I would, as a minimum, do the equivalent of 1,000 miles over the year. Then for every £1 I raise over a £1,000 target, I would do another mile.

I’m not sure about your take on it, but I can say it’s harder than I thought, and hoped!

So when I say equivalent – 1 mile running = 1 mile. 3 miles cycling = 1 mile. or 1 mile swimming = 3 miles towards the target.

So either…

I swim 333 miles – like swimming to France and back 8 times!

I run 1,000 miles – more than the length of the UK!

I cycle 3,000 miles – like cycling across the entire width of America!

Or, in my case, a combination of the above…

You can track my progress periodically, on my JustGiving page or for the sporty types, “follow me” on Strava.

I hope you enjoyed reading the first blog and please feel free to get in touch.



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