The 2011 Interns

Hi everyone,

I’m writing on behalf of the 2011 interns at Diabetes UK. We consist of a motley crew of graduates and post-graduates (and me, who is embarking on a career change after seven years in PR) who are looking to gain some valuable experience of the charity sector. With so much obvious talent amongst us, it was little surprise that Diabetes UK couldn’t wait to get their hands on us (OK, I might be paraphrasing a bit!).

Next week will mark the half way point in our time here (five of us in head office in London and one in the Yorkshire regional office) so I thought I’d share a little about what we’ve been up to:

Mary has been working with the lovely HR ladies on gaining some valuable insight into the organisation through a staff/volunteer survey.

Leslie has been signing up crazy fundraisers and generally organising the Xmas Santa Dash, which will be taking place in Greenwich Park towards the end of the year.

Charlotte is up in the Yorkshire office and has been busy organising local fundraising events. Fortunately she’s down in London fairly regularly too!

Alex has been tasked with updating various volunteer policies, which I understand is no mean feat with over 17,000 volunteers and 400 voluntary groups dotted around the country to accommodate.

And finally, I’m working on the Fundraising team helping out with a variety of Corporate Partnerships projects as well as researching charitable trusts and foundations (I’ve just reached a whopping 100!) and putting together applications for a share of their annual donations. I’ve already secured £600 which I’m pretty chuffed about too!

So, there you go. That’s a bit about us. We’ll try and post every so often to keep you updated on our various antics in and out of the office.

Bye for now!

Susie Mowat
On behalf of the 2011 Interns

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  1. Walter Fleuristil says

    I really appreciate the important good work you are doing, all together. They are good hopes for diabetic future. We will continue to follow with you. thank to all of you and marry Christmas.

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