Creating ripples with Swim22 – Susannah Hickling

Monday, 13 March: A swimming pool, Taunton

I’m ploughing up and down the same pool as my colleague Gemma has chosen for her share of our office Swim 22 challenge. Sadly, I don’t seem to get the same male attention as her. This could be because I’m not wearing my glasses and steamed up goggles are a) not a good look and b) prevent me seeing any likely looking lads or them gazing into my eyes. Or it could be because there’s quite a big age difference between Gemma and me.

Whatever. All I know is that no nice men give me tips about improving my stroke as they seem to do with Gemma.

But, sad as that scenario clearly is, it’s not all bad news. I’ve succeeded in motivating a friend from my teenage days to sign up to Swim 22 with her husband, because her father has Type 2 diabetes. I’ve also twisted my sister’s arm and she’s entered a team from the gastropub she runs in west Wales. Meanwhile, a friend who’s a practice nurse at a local GP surgery has also contacted me to say that she and a colleague have registered too. So the splash the South West Regional Office has made by plunging into swimming pools around Somerset for Swim 22 is making ripples that are spreading wider and wider.

And that, I can’t help thinking as I climb out of the pool unnoticed by the male swimming population of Taunton, can only be a good thing.

Read Gemma’s Swim22 blog

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