Why I’m signing up for Swim22 – by Vicky Larkin

I’m not the greatest of swimmers, or the most confident in the water. In fact I’m pretty slow and can only do breast stroke with my head sticking out of the water like a turtle! But, I love a challenge so decided to sign up to Swim 22 to get better at swimming and raise money for a great cause at the same time.

I’d love to raise as much as I can for Diabetes UK because, through social media every day in my job, I see how diabetes affects people as well as their friends and families. Last year, I followed lots of our supporters as they did Swim 22 so this year I felt I should get involved and join them.

I haven’t been swimming properly for years (apart from splashing around on holiday) so in January, I joined a gym with a 19 metre pool to start training. At the beginning I could just about do 20 lengths, but over the past few weeks I’ve slowly improved and built up to 40 lengths.

For the time being, I feel that is my limit and as long as I swim four times a week, I should hit the target of swimming 22 miles in three months.

My biggest problem is that I’m really scared of putting my head under water. I always panic and breathe in! Not good especially as only being able to do breast stroke is really starting to hurt my neck and back.

I bought some goggles and a nose clip last week but I’m still finding it really difficult to put my head under the water and breathe at the right time. Feeling a bit disheartened but hopefully with practice, and some coaching from friends, I’ll get there in the end. If not, there’s always my snorkel and I’m not even joking…

22 February stats (the official start of Swim 22)

Lengths: 40
Time: 30 mins
Stroke: Breast stroke
Head under water: No
Place on Swim 22 leaderboard: 140
Badges earned: Toe Dipper
Total miles completed: 0.47 out of 22

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