Back to business – by Richard Lane

Richard Lane, Diabetes UK President Although my personal activity is only just starting up again after the Summer (?) break, Diabetes UK seems to have been even busier and more pro-active than ever before! Is this something to do with the dynamic new Chief Executive that we are now working with? Certainly in my view, Barbara and her excellent staff have been refocusing their efforts in the most positive way, and I am thrilled with the various outcomes, for instance the new Diabetes Watch and the “15 Measures”.

These are just the practical and positive statements that all of us who have diabetes need, but it is up to all of us to help ourselves by making proper and immediate use of them!

Apart from a number of internal meetings and event planning sessions at Macleod House, I was delighted to attend and speak at the 30th Anniversary Meeting of the Tunbridge Wells Voluntary Support Group. This was very well attended and I was thrilled to talk to Dr Jonathan Maw, who was one of the Founders of the Group, together with the very first Chairman. It was a really enjoyable evening. I am just sad but fully understanding at Steve and Judith Strutt’s decision to retire as Chairman and Secretary after so many wonderful years. They have been magnificent, and will be sorely missed!

I then attended and spoke at the re-launch of the Steyning Voluntary Support Group, which was very well organised by Lucy Shea (nee Peacock), who is shortly to go on maternity leave. She has promised me that she will be coming back, but meantime, we wish her well! At the meeting, Lucy managed to encourage 6 very suitable people to form the inaugural committee, and I hope sincerely that this group will be very successful.

I am now off to Belfast for the Northern Ireland Volunteers’ Conference, which I am really looking forward to. I will be speaking alongside Barbara Young and Iain Frame who tell me that they are going to keep me in order! I am not sure how to take this!

Then, I am going to Gibraltar on 4 October to speak at the launch of “Diabetes Gibraltar”. Their lack of, for instance, adequate blood testing equipment for their people on insulin makes me feel very humble, and I look forward to doing what I can to help them in this and other respects. I will tell you how I got on in my next blog.

I hope that you have all had a good summer and have managed to get away for a break, and I look forward to a much busier Autumn and Winter, and to working with you and for you in the coming months!

With best wishes,


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