Adult clinic – by Helen Whitehouse

So, last week I had my very first clinic in the adult outpatients section. I expected to really dislike it, it to be all scary and clinical with doctors and nurses I didn’t know, and therefore my blood pressure to be through the roof which causes said doctors and nurses to then want to talk to me longer… But it wasn’t like that at all, in fact its considerably more relaxed than the child clinics.

Whereas I am used to going to clinics in the mornings, which got rather annoying when every time I went, I ended up missing a chunk of English or double science, my appointment was for five pm. Usually as well, I would end up losing sleep over clinics because they worry me that much, but this time I was fine because I had a whole day before having to attend the hospital. Even as we pulled up in the car I felt fine, whereas previously I go all shaky and nervous. Because Barnsley Hospital is a bit like a maze, it took us a while to find the exact location, but when we got there I was straight in for my height, weight and blood pressure. Reassuringly, all three of my diabetic nurses were there as well.

I also realised that it’s a far more relaxed atmosphere in the adult clinic. In the childrens it tended to be like an operation- weight, height, blood pressure, then bloods, then the nurses, then the doctor, then your eyes…ect, but I found that the only place I needed to go was to see my doctor. He also introduced me to the other adult doctor and we generally spoke about diabetes.

I also realised that they don’t do blood tests as a regular thing – you only have your HbA1c done if you haven’t had it done recently. It surprised me how actually relaxed the whole situation was, and it definitely put my mind at ease more.

Clinics tend to be the one thing I really dislike about diabetes, but I know that they do look after my health in an invaluable way. I just hope I can continue to control my diabetes so that one day I can get down to just one a year.

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