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I’m seriously considering doing a 10k run. Running for ten kilometres, without a break, on the road! It might be a bit fanciful but I think I need to set myself a goal in order to push forward my fitness aims.

So I set out last week to see how far I could run on the treadmill. I managed 4.2k. So I am starting from the point whereby I am almost halfway there, this was a big boost. If I can already run 4.2k then getting to 10k shouldn’t be too much of a task – should it? This was all going very well.

So as part of this training schedule (three times a week running in the gym) I decided to join up with a proper 11-a-side football team. This amateur club has been around since 1888 and I had no idea how seriously they take their football. When I got there they had already started their pre-season fitness training. I was asked to run twice around the pitch and then join in.

No problem, not with my new fitness levels – I can run 4.2k don’t ya know. I ran around the pitch and then joined in with the rest of the lads. We were dribbling some balls around, then doing some volley work, then headers – moving all the time. Twenty minutes in and I was finding it pretty difficult going. But the gym work, what about the gym work?

There was a bit more training then three minutes for a water break and then we played a game of seven-a-side. By this point I was wheezing. All of a sudden 10k looks like a long, long way away. There’s no way I’m going to be able to make 10k, it’s impossible. I got home after football training and collapsed into the bath. The next day I went walking with my girlfriend and felt my muscles start to seize up. By Monday walking was painful and Tuesday was almost as bad.

So now it’s Thursday and I’m going to do my first bit of running this week. However I bought football boots so I’m going back training on Saturday. I think I’m still going for the 10k. One thing I have to resolve is which charity do I run for? If I run for Diabetes UK it’s not much of a charitable act, it’s basically one of self-interest. However if I give the money to someone else is that just silly? I’m currently leaning towards prostate cancer and the 10k run in ‘Mo’vember (grow a moustache for prostate cancer month in November).

So any thoughts on who I should run for or how I might get over that massive psychological barrier of 10k, would be gratefully received.

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  1. Paul Freeman says

    Difficult decision on the charity choice. Personally I would go for the one that may be helping me with my current medical position.

  2. neffi84 says

    Run for Diabetes UK…..pretty pretty please!!!!
    So yeh…..Diabetes UK….because I have asked really nicely haha but then again I don’t believe I have a prostate so I may be slightly biased :)

    I did my first 10k this year, I ran the Bupa manchester 10k and I loved it……I was running approx 4-6 miles a week for a month beforehand (which isn’t loads) but it defo helped!!!! Don’t get over excited at the start like I did for mine tho lol the last 2km was horrible….but I reckon you’re gunna do great! Make sure you actually go run outside on pavement, not just the treadmill coz it is a world of difference in my experience…you wanna do the great north run 2011 with me…let me know (it WILL be for diabetes Uk tho) :)

    Good luck x

  3. David Woodhall says

    I’ve ran the Derby 10K for the last two years. I’m an overweight (slightly :-)), 22 year diagnosed diabetic with a not brilliant HbA1C. My advice is to plug in to some tunes, get a sports watch / heart rate monitor and run the roads. Build up slowly, run to a comfortable heart rate and extend the distance. I remember the first time I ran and the first mile was painful. For both 10K’s I ran to a heart rate I knew during training and therefore could “worry” about other things like blood sugar levels.

    Third time “lucky” for me to get a place in the VLM in 2011 so I’m fighting a battle on three fronts – Distance, Weight and HbA1C – but I’ll still plug in to the tunes, run to a heart rate I know and see where it takes me. As for charities – I plan to be (partly) “selfish” and give to DiabetesUK and split the other 50% with Help For Heroes and I guess that’s my tip for inspiration.

  4. Accorddrephon says

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