The time difference

As you know I’m in America, Florida to be exact, or at leas I was when this blog was written. Florida is five hours ahead of the UK. So my whole schedule with my pills has been shaken up.

Since being diagnosed this is the first time I’ve been outside of an hour’s time difference and I was a bit worried about the affects in the immediate term. I figured I’d just have to put up with having a high blood sugar level for a few days before things settled down. I’m here for a week so that means a couple of days where things would be messed up.

I have compounded this worry with the fact that all food in Disneyworld would be processed sugary rubbish. So keeping my blood sugars under control was, I thought, going to be a problem. However the first day of the new routine (taking my breakfast pills – 4 metphormin, 2 glicklaside – at 13:00 our time and 7.00am Florida time) led me to approach a hypo at about 11.00am Florida time.

This is sounding more like a police report, and at about 12.00pm the body was discovered by Goofy, me lud.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that it would seem to me that I have no real idea of what I’m doing yet. It’s been just over a year of being diagnosed and I have no real idea of the impact of any of these things; eating late, eating pizza, taking my pills late, eating chocolate. It’s a bit weird and confusing.

Building on from my last blog about trying to pass this information on to others – well, if I don’t seem to get it then how will they. The good news is that I seem happier to roll with the punches then ever before. I am confident that I can handle what my diabetes throws at me. But it can get a bit worrying for the people around me.

My Mum and Dad were with me as the affects of the hypo started to show – shaky hands and a bit of sweating – although it was in the low 40s temperature wise so you couldn’t see any excess sweating. I had the chocolate bar I brought with me as an emergency and I ate it. It had melted. I felt like a weirdo desperately licking melted chocolate from the ripped wrapper in Harry Potter Land. Just one more strange day in the life of a diabetic.

I like writing these blogs – it’s like when the cast of a TV programme go abroad – like East Enders or On the Bus’s.

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