The pleasures of being president – by Richard Lane

We’re very happy to publish a new blogger today – our President, Richard Lane. Richard’s very kindly offered to keep us regularly updated about his work with Diabetes UK, and we hope you find it interesting. We’re extremely grateful for the effort Richard goes to to help support our work – and support people living with diabetes. We hope you enjoy his posts. Over to Richard…!

This is my first real blog, and I hope that just a few people will find it interesting. Although it may not sound like it, I am very humble about the opportunities that I have been given, especially to meet so many wonderful people all over the UK, and also in Europe, so I really want to share some of my experiences with you! I have agreed to update this blog on a regular basis, so this first one is both a “catch-up” and a trial!

In the last couple of weeks, I have given two live radio broadcasts, to BBC Radio Kent and to BBC Radio Somerset, which happened to coincide with the announcement of the new treatment for Type 2 diabetes, using the 600 calories per day diet! I was caught slightly on the hop, but I think I got away with it!

Since then, we have had the UK Advisory Council Conference and AGM in Manchester, and I was thrilled to be re-appointed as President for another three years! This is a terrific privilege, and I will continue to apply all my new found energy as well as my passion, to helping Diabetes UK with its campaigns and objectives.

In the last three or four weeks, I have also visited and spoken at the Soroptimists’ Mediaeval Reception near Rhyl in North Wales, where funds were being raised for Diabetes UK, the Manchester and Nottingham Diabetes UK Legacy Conferences which were so successful, the London Region River Thames event, and also, last but by no means least, the wonderful voluntary groups in Taunton, Bromley and Chester.

Richard with his son, Simon and his wife, Paula Apart from speaking for Judith Rich at the Gordon Museum in Guy’s Hospital, at an event that is being run for the benefit of Diabetes UK, I now have a fairly quiet patch, including a holiday with my wife. I then re-start in earnest in the middle of September!

Best wishes to all the wonderful staff and volunteers who together make Diabetes UK the incredible charity that it is!

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