Inspiring others to walk – by Pushpa Kalu

Pushpa-Kalu-150x150It’s been two weeks since we accomplished our target of walking 10km in Richmond Park and I’ve still got a spring in my step.

To date we have reached a bumper £800 in donations – a much higher figure than I imagined.

It was a fantastic day for our crowd of 25 friends and family who all wore Diabetes UK t-shirts and held banners. We walked the distance in just under two hours, while the runners among us managed it in 51 minutes.

pushpa-richmond-walkFor us ramblers, we weren’t so worried about the timings, as having a good time, chatting and enjoying the park setting. The fact that I was raising awareness for diabetes meant that my friends asked me how I manage the condition and were inspired to hear about my programme of daily walking.

It made some of the older people think about becoming more active than usual and eating in a healthier way.

For me this stood out as an important aspect of the day – the fact that I could educate people about diabetes through my own experience without pushing or being evangelical about it.

The weather was perfect for both running and walking with the sunshine out and cool breezes along the way.

I enjoy walking almost now more than ever. With a good pair of walking shoes, my earphones and a podcast on the go, I feel more rooted in my body while having my mind occupied. I breathe deeply, I’m more relaxed than usual and just enjoy being in the moment. It sounds such a simple thing, but while I can still can, I’m going to make the most of it.

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