Discovering simple pleasures while walking – by Pushpa Kalu

Pushpa-Kalu-150x150I have now signed up for the 10KM Richmond Park Walk and I’ve been training most days. My friends and family are so supportive of what I’m doing, they’ve offered to join me on the day – so far we’re a happy crew of about eight people. Most of us will walk 10KM, but my eldest son and two of his friends are running the distance.

So in preparation for the big day, I walk most days first thing in the morning. I live near beautiful countryside on the Grand Union Canal and walk along the canal where the narrow boats are moored and hike over Box Moor Trust fields where horses and cows graze.

I’ve lived near this public place for decades, but have never used it so much as now. It’s opened up a whole new world for me and I take in these new sights and enjoy simple pleasures such as watching the dogs take a swim in the water.

So am I on target? I have to admit I don’t walk every day, but most days I do at least at an hour, but often more than two hours which is about 10KM. As a result I feel calmer, fitter and I sleep a lot better now I’m exercising more than I used to.

I’m also chuffed to see that I’ve already raised nearly £500 from family and friends. People are very supportive of donating money towards Diabetes UK. They know it’s very much part of my life and realise how serious diabetes can be. I’m very touched that people are supporting me so generously, both with coming along on the day and donating towards this cause.

The challenge is fitting in a daily walk around looking after the grandchildren, guests, social life and work, but I miss it when I don’t get a walk in. As an added bonus, I’m really looking forward to the actual day as it’s going to be a lovely family day with the walk and then a good picnic afterwards to celebrate.

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