Grumpy goes to the Spa whilst Pumpy … by Helen May

helen-may-1114-150x150On a recent phone call, Grumpy asked her mother what she wanted for her birthday. The response was “I don’t know. What do you want?” Grumpy and her mother have birthdays within less than a week of each other and, as well as sharing the same sign of the Zodiac, the only things they would like are too big to ask for as birthday presents: car? house? However, Grumpy had recently seen a posh outdoor swimming pool in a nearby town and thought it might be fun to visit. So they decided to buy each other a day of swimming, relaxing and pampering.

With her new tankini in her bag, Grumpy set off with Pumpy. As usual, Pumpy did not want to miss out. He insisted in joining Grumpy and her Mum for the day but, knowing he might get bored and start misbehaving, Grumpy filled her bag with his toys.

When they arrived, Grumpy and her mother were shown around and decided to go for a dip straight away. So Grumpy changed into her new tankini, wrapped a towel around her, put her valuables into a locker and then … then she realised she still had Pumpy with her. He did not want to go in the pool but he wanted to stay close … just like most toddlers, I guess. They had a chat and agreed that Pumpy would sit by the side of the pool. Except. Except, Pumpy was worried someone would push him off the chair or sit on him or hurt him. So back to the drawing board (but not a real one because Pumpy did not have his crayons with him). They decided that Pumpy would sit in Grumpy’s shoe. But first … first Pumpy wanted to give Grumpy a “big kiss”. He thought Grumpy would be too busy for little “kisses” so gave her one equivalent to one hour’s worth of kisses in one go.

Eventually, with Pumpy sorted for the next hour, Grumpy eased herself into the pool. Did I mention the pool was outside? Did I mention the sun was NOT shining? The water was v.e.r.y  c.o.l.d. She nearly jumped straight out but decided to stick it out and then convinced her mother to stick it out too. They quickly worked out that the best way to warm up was to get under the water and keep moving. After a while, they started to enjoy paddling backwards and forwards along the pool, admiring the hanging pots piled with flowers and the food coming out of the cafe on the side. Backwards and forwards  they swam. On their fronts, on their backs, avoiding the other swimmers, stopping for a short chat and keeping an eye on Grumpy’s shoes.

Deciding they had done enough swimming for the morning, Grumpy and Pumpy made their way to the hot tub. Oooooo. That was niiice. Hot water to warm up after the pool and jets directed along their backs to ease any aching muscles. Pumpy liked the idea of the hot tub and was tempted to jump in (or did Grumpy nearly drop her shoe?) but he decided to sit outside and smell the beautiful jasmine.

After more than an hour in the water in total, Grumpy and her mother, built up the courage to get out of the hot tub and go and have some food. Pumpy was very happy with this as he got some attention again and was able to give Grumpy a long kiss. They started with something healthy – beans, mushrooms and spicy tomatoes on wholemeal sourdough toast – before degenerating into icecream with a sticky sauce. Both very yummy and Pumpy kept the kisses going throughout lunch.

Next on the agenda was a short rest and chat before a massage. Grumpy, Pumpy and her mother caught up on family gossip and congratulating themselves on a good decision for a treat before separating for their massages. Pumpy doesn’t like massage oil and he is very uncomfortable to “cuddle” whilst Grumpy was lying on her front getting her shoulder pummelled. So, again, Pumpy gave Grumpy a “big kiss” and sat down on the chair for an hour, listening to the tinkly music and trying not to get too bored. Grumpy felt good after the massage. Her shoulders felt more relaxed than they had for some weeks and she was pleased Pumpy had not caused any trouble.

Finally, Grumpy and her mother rounded off the day with a post-shower, well-earned (at least they thought so) piece of cake and cup of tea. And Pumpy was back where he thought he belonged, wrapped around Grumpy’s waist hiding under her shirt.

Grumpy and her mother agreed they had had a lovely day at the spa whilst Pumpy had … sat on the edge and kept out of trouble. At first, Grumpy had thought it would have been easier to take Pumpy’s older sister, Penny, because she is less clingy, but she too would have had to sit on the side of the pool. So, Grumpy decided that Pumpy could come to the Spa again with her, next time.


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