I’m walking for diabetes – by Pushpa Kalu

Pushpa-Kalu-150x150I’ve been inspired to take part in a 10K walk. I love walking, especially on holiday and in the sunshine, but I relish the challenge of doing a structured walk and having something to aim for. I also want to raise funds for Diabetes UK. It isn’t likely to be much, but as a well-known supermarket quite rightly says, ‘every little helps.’

I have Type 2 diabetes, so naturally it’s something I’m interested in. It’s because I have diabetes that I want to help prevent other people from developing it and to be aware of how an unhealthy lifestyle could potentially be a killer. My contribution will be small, but if it helps towards research and promoting diabetes as a serious condition, then I will have achieved my goal.

I’m also keen to join up and fundraise with other people. It’s a chance to spend time with friends and family and make a day of it. My son’s fiancée came up with the idea so I set about finding a local 10K walk at the time I could do it, so we’re aiming for October. I’m also going to send an email round to friends and colleagues to see if they want to join us. My husband says he’ll be cheering us on from the side line. I am already looking forward to it.

Now for the logistics of training. When I attended a Living with Diabetes Day a couple of years ago, I met a gentleman who organised group walks in Hertfordshire. A walking group could be a good way to get started, and it will be a reason to get out to the countryside, with the added bonus of meeting new people. I was also told about Diabetes UK’s One Million Step Challenge – I like the fact you build up fitness by doing 10,000 steps a day over three months – so that could be another way to train for October’s 10K walk.

Every time I exercise I am reminded how beneficial it is. When I was in Portugal recently, celebrating our good friends’ golden wedding anniversary, I was lucky enough to be able to swim every day. I swam 20 lengths a day and my aches and pains just fell away. I love walking and try to do a bit every day, but don’t always manage it. Working towards an organised walk will make me put a plan in place and stick to it.

Living with Diabetes Days

One Million Step Challenge

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