A thousand voices are louder than one – by Chris Askew

Chris-Askew-150x150Diabetes Week is here, and I am really looking forward to all that’s to come this week. On Sunday, I had the privilege of attending the Patron’s Lunch on The Mall to celebrate the 90th birthday of our Patron, Her Majesty the Queen.

It was a wonderful (if slightly damp) day, and a great opportunity to meet some of our fantastic supporters. Not everybody could make it to The Mall, but I know that isn’t stopping so many more of you from hosting your own Patron’s Lunch fundraisers up and down the country, and I look forward to seeing and hearing about all that goes on.

And while I hope that everyone has a wonderful time hosting these events, we are also using this week to highlight some of the more serious messages about diabetes.

4 million people with diabetes

Since Diabetes Week 2015, a staggering 235,000 people have been diagnosed with diabetes and this week, a further 4,500 will hear that life-changing news. There are now 4 million people living with the condition in the UK, and yet it is still hugely misunderstood. Nearly three quarters of the general public do not realise that diabetes, if poorly managed can lead to devastating complications such as heart attacks and strokes.

Setting the Record Straight

Which brings me to our theme for this year – Setting the Record Straight. We are using this week to bust some of the biggest myths and misconceptions around diabetes, using your stories and experiences to do so. Every day people with diabetes will come across misconceptions about their condition and therefore, about them which we understand can be extremely frustrating and difficult to deal with.

We recognise that it is our job to educate the wider public about the reality of the condition and improve their knowledge of the basics. We want people to understand that there are more than one type of diabetes, it’s about more than sugar, and that it is a chronic, lifelong condition that needs to be taken seriously by the public, the NHS, and the Government.

A thousand voices are louder than one

This week, we are providing healthcare professionals with the facts and stories that they need to be able to bust so many of the myths that continue to exist among them, and using social media to fix some of the more common misconceptions. But a thousand voices are louder than one, so join us this week in setting the record straight.

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