Gold Challenge!

Gold Challenge is a chance to test your skills in 5, 10, 20 or 30 Olympic or Paralympic sports and raise funds for Diabetes UK. We here at Diabetes UK have put together a team to take part in the Gold Challenge – here are a few thoughts from some of our staff who have volunteered to take part.

Read about what Rachael, Jose, Catriona and Mark are going to be doing…

Rachael Goodwin, Regional Fundraising Manager who is learning to wrestle for the Gold Challenge:

“Having just heard that there are only 500 hundred days to go until the Olympics, I’m starting to feel ever so slightly nervous. For some unknown reason, I “volunteered” to learn how to wrestle to raise funds for our charity. Living in Manchester, apparently I’m in the best location to learn the wrestling ropes as there is an Olympic-standard coach who teaches not far from me in the city. This makes me very afraid… Luckily he’s on holiday at the moment.”

Jose Zambrano-Navarro, Finance Analyst at Diabetes UK who is taking on Equestrian:

“I always wanted to learn to ride a horse. I come from a large city in Ecuador (Guayaquil) and the sport is not readily available, so I never had the chance to learn. This challenge gives me an opportunity to fulfil this long-held ambition and at the same time to support Diabetes UK and raise its profile. I am looking forward to my lessons in early summer…. Who knows… it might turn into a permanent hobby/sport for me.”

From Catriona Finlayson, Senior Supporter Events Manager who is taking on Table Tennis for the Gold Challenge:

“I will be taking on the table tennis challenge with my colleague and friend Stephanie. This may sound like the easy option – but doing it well is harder than it looks and we are taking it very seriously, and competitively! There is team pride at stake! It was easy to find a local venue which provides table tennis coaching – and I am genuinely excited to be gaining improved skills in what has been a fun game up until now.”

From Mark Fox, Events Manager who is taking on Archery for the Gold Challenge:

“I have chosen Archery for the main reason I have never done archery before! It has always been a sport I have been interested in, with the concentration, the discipline, and partly to do with thinking the coolest thing a man could do is shoot an apple on top of someone’s head. Hopefully that will be part of the training. It’s great being part of a team as well, everyone chats about their chosen sport and it really is exciting to be part of the Olympics and raise money at the same time.”

For more information on how you can take part, check out our website. Let us know if you’re taking part, and which sport you’d like to try!

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