Swim22: A Piece of Cake – by Nick Buglione

Nick Buglione - Swim22Before you think I have gone all self-satisfied and blasé about swimming the Channel… au contraire (see how I am getting more Gallic as we close in on the French coast?), here at Diabetes UK HQ we have put on our baker’s aprons for the Great British Swim22 Bake Off Cake Sale. It doesn’t take much of an excuse for my wife and kids to rev up the oven for confectionary purposes, but it is not just my family – various people in our Camden office joined in with fab cake creations and last Friday (pay day – tactical!) we trundled round the office selling cake to all and sundry. Captive market, payday, cake – the perfect storm.

Or is it? Clearly not, as a fellow Swim22 buddy (Marketing Dept – always the ones with the inspirational off-piste ideas) introduced an end-of-the-day addition to the morning’s cake retailing – Gin22: more cake, now elegantly washed down with gin and tonics. So for the elevenses main event, we loaded up a tea trolly with all sorts of goodies… Swim22 branded fairy cakes, an extravaganza of home made cookies, coconut and raspberry slices, gluten-free cakes, mini Victoria sponges and much more and did the rounds of the three floors of our head office. 20160421_152640

Cakes went down a treat in the morning. Payday at Diabetes UK is always an excuse to hit a local taverna for cashed-up drinking and revelry so we decided to get the party started a tiny bit earlier with G&Ts and more cake. Rest assured we did not reduce the nerve-centre of a major charity to drunken debauchery! Everyone who contributed, including all the gin, did so from their own personal dollar so every penny goes straight to the Swim22 fundraising coffers, and some people gladly overpaid or threw in their money without even partaking of cake. They are a good bunch here. And we raised a grand total of £293.42! Having said that my two daughters went into school on the same day with about six leftover cakes and came back with fifty quid. They clearly have more dynamic selling and persuasion skills than their father.

20160421_181527 (1)On the actual swimming front, me, the wife and the kids are almost there with about 400-odd lengths to go, and it has turned into a competitive take no prisoners rat race – with my younger daughter ‘rat’ determined to try and outdoor her older sister ‘rat’. As for me, I’m still squeezing in some pool time weekday evenings and Saturday mornings and thinking about hitting the great outdoors to finish things off in style at a lido – my nearest are Brockwell and Tooting Bec (both places where I misspent much of my 6th form and university days) but… and I clearly have gone soft in my old age… are unheated and mostly the domain of committed, imposing neo-triathletes in neoprene bodysuits. So I am currently scouting a lido in Charlton (heated) and a lovely rooftop pool, surprisingly nestled in the heart of Covent Garden.

I’ll let you know how I get on. If you want to help us get over the target line, every penny or pound helps: https://www.justgiving.com/The-Buglione-Family-Swims-The-Channel/

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Lengths completed: 1200 (out of 1416)
Money raised: £780 (target £1,000)
Current swimming playlist: Obviously feeling a little anti-establishment so have been ploughing up and down to the Sex Pistols (although not sure that works for rhythmic support)

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