Comic Con and diabetes – by Gray

Hiya T1’s,

I’m Gray, I am 16 years old, I currently identify as genderqueer, I use he/him pronouns and I was diagnosed with T1 in 2009.

It’s a cold and rainy day where I am, but I’m actually nice and warm inside, underneath my pile of jumpers and fuzzy socks, I just hope I’m not overheating my insulin pump.

Anywho; today I wanted to chat about Comic Con, so if you’re not interested, there are a whole bunch of other great blogs you can check out now on the Diabetes UK teens page, but anyway, since I’m a Comic Con grandpa, I thought I would share some tips with you about Comic Con and diabetes.

1) It’s crowded. Really really really crowded, so keep your insulin and testing kit, etc close by you and safe. That should be obvious but after my first Comic Con experience ended with me asking security to PA the entire hall about my testing kit, I thought I’d just tell you this first.
2) It’s incredibly warm and often humid. Even if you’re going to a convention in winter in England, the amount of people and cosplay that everyone is wearing and the usually quite small space everyone is contained in, means that it gets very hot and very humid very quickly, so if you feel like you’re numbers are affected by temperature, (mine feel like they are) then be careful about the heat, it’s surprisingly warm.
3) cosplay. Cosplay is great, absolutely fantastic and I love it. But be careful not to sacrifice your diabetes control to your magnificent costume, even for a few hours. Honestly it’s not worth it. If you’re worried about carrying your insulin or testing kit or if you’re pump is visible through your costume, don’t worry. Your health is so much more important than your costume, and if you can find a way to easily incorporate it into the costume, then that’s 10/10 100% awesome.

So those are my three top tips for comic con diabetics, and I hope you have a fantastic day T1’s.




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