Spring is here and I feel like eating salad – by Pushpa Kalu

My husband anPushpa-Kalu-150x150d I have just had a lovely few days in North Wales. The weather was good, so we walked every day and filled our lungs with fresh air and felt more energetic. To me a change of scene is good for the soul; I find it very refreshing and invigorating. It doesn’t matter what the change is and it doesn’t have to be expensive; I find just going somewhere different for a day or two can put a different perspective on life.

I’m also trying out a new yoga class on Wednesday nights. The exercises are very gentle and not strenuous, but afterwards I feel achy (in a good way), and I feel stretched and generally looser. Doing a regular class makes me more conscious of moving regularly, so most days I’ll do some simple stretches or pelvic floor exercises. I’m also walking every day and manage around 3,000 steps per day according to my new pedometer app!

Last week I had a regular check-up at my GP and he said that although my HbA1c is a little on the high side (6.5ml), my blood pressure and cholesterol are all good. My GP said I should continue to do what I’m doing, so I’m going to keep up the healthy eating and regular activity. This has certainly improved since my diagnosis and I no longer grab food when I’m hungry and now try to stick to healthier snacks, such as fruit or a stick of crunchy cucumber or carrot.

I’m also eating more salad, and now keep a bowl of mixed salad leaves accessible in the fridge. I don’t add dressing directly to the salad, so it’s smothered, but make a pot of simple dressing with oil, vinegar, with a dash of agave honey which I add sparingly.

I had my family over for lunch over Easter and made a huge vegetarian lasagne layered with aubergine, courgette and sweet potato. Instead of using white flour, I used brown flour and low-fat cheddar cheese which kept it lower fat. Everyone thought it was delicious. I also experimented with rice to make it more interesting. I pounded a handful of leafy mint into fresh mint sauce and added it to brown rice, together with small frozen peas. We eat a lot of rice and this made a welcome change to boiled rice.

After our mini break in Wales and now Spring is finally here, I feel revitalised and full of energy for the coming lighter, warmer months.

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