Swim22: Date Night – By Nick Buglione


It’s a daNick-pool2te

So after a long weekend in a blisteringly cold, but highly enjoyable, Berlin, it’s time to dive back into Swim22. Another day, another pool, this time the wife and I have left the kids with Granny to nail some lengths at Clapham Manor pool. Nicer changing rooms than Brixton, but busier pool with very narrow lanes.

It’s Thursday and that is supposed to be date night (by the way we thought of it before David Cameron!) where we leave the kids with Granny, or any able-bodied semi-responsible person we can get our hands on; and go for a meal, a film, or quite often, and less healthily, any local cocktail happy hour. Instead, every Thursday until Swim22 ends in May, it is now Swim22 not-so-much-of-a-date-night. Slightly less romantic, considerably wetter, less boozy, way more active, definitely healthier.


Keeping up with those pesky kids

I am also being seriously shamed by my children who are out-swimming me by some distance. At this rate they’ll be in Calais enjoying an Orangina while I am only half way across the Channel. They’ve even started talking about ‘swimming back’ as I told them about one of last year’s Swim22 inspirations Frances Benedetto who did it twice, shedding 3.5 stone in the process! So clearly its time to up my g20160317_185716ame. So as I write, we’ve just polished off 80 lengths. If you, like me are not a regular swimmer or uber-fitness freak, it’s really pleasurable to start getting those under-utilised, in my case, lazy muscles into gear, and remembering swimming can be a real pleasure. Especially with music to keep you company. As well as the wife of course – who won’t be completely delighted I’m posting up our post-swim selfie here.

Music is the food of swim

I am a bit of a music guy but without sounding too old, or these days too beardy-tattoo-hipster, am a vinyl collector. But my dinky underwater MP3 player is a bit of a revelation, as if I am being honest, swimming up and down can be slightly less than entertaining. Clips easily onto the strap of my goggles and provides a great metronome for my strokes. Be warned though don’t go from a ballad to frenetic dance track too glibly. So last night I was testing out New Order, Kraftwerk and other metronomic electronica. Kraftwerk’s Autobahn, good for my imperfect (and pretty slow) breaststroke, New Order’s greatest hits are a bit more bouncy for my front crawl. Time to download some podcasts next.

We’d love it if anyone wanted to throw a few shillings in our direction. You can sponsor us at https://www.justgiving.com/The-Buglione-Family-Swims-The-Channel/

The story so far…

Lengths completed: 637 (out of 1416)
Money raised: £275 (target £1000)
Current swimming playlist: New Order, Hot Chip, Kraftwerk, Hot Chip, Future Islands.

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