My tummy hurts and I feel dizzy: a hypo from Freddie’s pespective – by Linda Fox

4.44am – Still night time. I don’t feel well. I can’t see properly, my tummy hurts and I feel dizzy. I want my mummy, I’m scared.
4.47am – Mummy is here and she can tell I’m not well. I hope she gives me a drink instead of sweeties because that makes me feel better quicker.
4.47am – I can’t do my bloods by myself today because my hands are shaking.
4.48am – This drink tastes so sweet, it’s lovely. I’m starting to feel better already.
4.50 am – I can see mummy better now. I don’t feel scared anymore.
4.53am – I hope mummy stays with me, I don’t want to be by myself. I’m wide awake now too but I know it’s night time. It’s funny, I felt so tired and funny in my tummy before, but now I feel ready to play.
5.00am – I’m glad mummy is here and Tia the cat too! I wonder if I can convince mummy to get up and play, or there’s a book I can read…
5.25pm – Mummy looks asleep but I need the potty.
6.10am – I really want to get up and play now, I feel happy again, I’ll shout mummy.
6.19 am – I want to do my own blood test now – I can because my hands aren’t shaking. Might ask mummy to help with the countdown though.
6.22am – Ouch that really hurt my leg and its sore now. That makes me want to cry. I really don’t want insulin today. I like rolling the magic pen but I don’t like that it hurts my legs. Maybe I can do it on mummy so she understands.
6.24am – Yay the Teletubbies are on. Maybe I can eat my breakfast whilst I watch them. My leg feels better now there’s cream on it.
6.25am – I’m really hungry now, I want porridge.
7.55 – I feel so much better than this morning. I wonder if I can play on the swing in nursery today. Although I’d much rather stay at home.
8.25am – I can see my friends, Hamish, Jacob and Millie. I’ll play with them and see mummy later.

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