My diabetes mixed with exams – by Holly Rose


I haven’t wrote a blog in a while now, so I thought this would be a good time to do one about how my diabetes was whilst dealing with exams. The last few months in school, were a stressful time, which I’m sure nearly every person who has taking GCSEs will understand the kind of stress I mean. My blood levels are like a sensor to how stressed I am. If I’m stressed, my bloods will definitely know about it!

To be honest, the months leading up to exams, my bloods have been well… Up the wall! I wish I was the type of person who didn’t let exams get on top of me, but I just can’t be that person. It’s actually quite mad how much your blood levels can get affected by exams. The only good thing was that I was aware of how it affected me before it happened. Before the real exams are school did mocks, and this was helpful for many reasons. It made me aware of how exams worked, you could see what level you were working at, and it also showed me how to deal with my diabetes in these situations.

I know diabetes is different for everyone and we all don’t experience the same things, but for me my bloods will always be high around these times. Especially the build up to the exams. It’s mad; my bloods will be fine just before the exams but will be really all over the place the weeks and days before. I couldn’t really give any suggestion on how to stop this because I have never seemed to figure out a way to overcome this, all I have learned is that I just need to check my bloods more often and also check your bloods just before you walk into the exam.

I remember being told once that your blood levels whilst in an exam can affect your performance during it. Once whilst I was in a mock exam, my bloods decided to go really low. I’m sure it was an English exam. I just remember writing and then my eyes going really funny, I could feel myself not concentrating properly. I knew straight away that it was my bloods going low, because this is my usually one of my symptoms when going low. At the time it was the worst thing that could happen, and I was stupid really because I waited to the end to have jellies because it was only a few minutes before time was up. It was one of my first proper mock GCSEs, and I thought that they wouldn’t allow me to have jellies or anything in my pockets with me so I didn’t want to get them out. But if this ever happens to you, as I know now, just get whatever you need out because they know before if anyone has any medical conditions in the exam hall. So if I have any tips, don’t be worried about having all your things with you.

This time when I had my proper exams, it was the first time I had my pump on. Now this made me panic. I don’t know why, but I dreaded it beeping in the middle of the exam. I would of hated it to beep and for me to disturb someone else. At one point I asked if I could be in a room on my own however, then they reassured me that it would be fine and it wouldn’t even be a problem and it wasn’t. The one thing I did just to make me feel better was to not do any extended bolus whilst the exams were on. The pump makes a noise when the extended bolus is finished, so I decided I would not do it so it wouldn’t happen. The noise isn’t even that loud, but it just made me feel more relaxed in the exam.
All my exams are over now, and I received my results on the 20 August. I was and still am so happy with the results I got, and it shows that the hard work does pay off in the end. I got 5 As and 5 Bs and a D in PE, so overall I am really made up and the results got me into the college I wanted. A lot of things happened over this summer, and I will definitely have to write about it in my next blog. Thank you for reading.

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