“The start of my new life” – says Robert who has made an important decision about his left foot



Robert, 65, from Wimbledon, has been at a life-changing crossroads. Over the last few weeks, a decision has been made over whether his left foot could be saved or whether he would need to have it amputated. He has agreed to let Diabetes UK follow his story over the coming months. Robert has Type 2 diabetes and does not depend on insulin to manage his condition.

“A quick update. I’m now in hospital waiting for an amputation. Because of the continuing ulcers on my left foot and bouts of cellulitis it has got to the point where doing nothing is not an option. Having spoken to the surgeons in the end reconstruction didn’t really sound like it would make enough of a difference. They advised that after it was done I’d be able to walk to church – a couple of hundred yards away – but not much more than that.

I’m optimistic about having an amputation. My foot has been nothing but trouble for the last 10 years and I do feel the time has come.
So what happens next? Well first of all my leg is being elevated so a lot of the fluid on it can be drained off as because of the ulcers I haven’t been able to wear compression stockings. As soon as the surgeon likes how it’s looking then they can operate.

I see this as the start of my new life. Wish me luck and I’ll catch up with you again from the rehab unit.”

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