#DiabetesAndMe – 19 reflections in 19 years – by Jen Grieves


jen-150x150This week is Diabetes Week, which I always find kinda weird, because every week is diabetes week really. How about Diabetes Life? But it’s great to have a focus and raise awareness in a concentrated way.

This year’s Diabetes UK theme is #DiabetesandMe, which I like as I’m constantly emphasising how personal Type 1 diabetes is to each individual living with the thing. Which can be empowering, but it also makes life very hard, as there really is no one size fits all approach to self-management.

Anyways. Here we are.

Last month I entered my 28th year on this earth, and also marked my 19th year as a Type 1 diabetic. That’s a big portion of my life, nearly 70 per cent in fact, in which my days have been punctuated by testing, counting, dosing and all the rest.

I took some time (read: ten minutes on the tube) to ponder how far I’d come in this near double decade without a working pancreas, and how it’s played a part in who I’ve become. I often profess I’m still figuring it out (‘it’ being diabetes, life, the world… y’know – small things) but surely I’ve sussed SOMETHING along the way? I used each year as a marker for the things I’ve been through and felt – whether aided, hindered, intensified by or because of Type 1 being a part of my life.

It’s self-indulgent by its very nature so bear with me on that, but it’s likely in some way relatable, fellow voyagers of life – whether your pancreas functions or not. This also turned out to be quite cathartic, a little bit sad, and weirdly reassuring. I’d recommend it. I present, Diabetes and Me.

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