Why I love Arcade Fire – by Helen Whitehouse

Well, this is slightly off subject to things I normally write about, but I’m going to go for it anyway…

The other night I trekked all the way to Birmingham to see my favourite band, Arcade Fire. Seriously, they are amazing. The live concerts are spectacular, and they are so unconventional- there are 8 members and many many different instruments, and all way through they sort of swap about. I cant describe it to you – but yeah, they are justified as my favourite band.

But something that really is extra ordinary is the amount of charity work they do for the Haiti based charity, Partners in Health. Basically, Partners in Health has been going for a while, literally building up health systems from scratch. When the Haitian earthquake struck earlier this year, Partners in Health did a tremendous amount of work towards that, and also helping to rebuild lives that had been shattered with death and personal loss.

Arcade fire have donated so much to this charity – $1million earlier this year, then a pound from every ticket sold on their tour. So, if 10,000 tickets tell, its £10,000 pounds per tour date. Pretty amazing really, because you can tell it is something they feel passionately about and its not just to make themselves look like better people, it’s clearly totally and completely genuine.

But then, this gets me on to a slightly more relevant subject. We do complain about the NHS, what they do wrong, the hospitals etc etc, but what would we do without our hospitals or our diabetes teams? I know that without them, diagnosis would have been a much bigger, scarier place than it was. To be honest, if I didn’t have my Diabetes Team, I probably wouldn’t have the freedom to be able to go and see spectacular bands like Arcade Fire…

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ive just clicked on your name which links me to your blog- its really brilliant! The “between the click of the light” name is actually amazing- so appropriate to diabetes really!