Introducing Pushpa Kalu talking about Type 2 diabetes


Pushpa-Kalu-150x150Hello, welcome to my first post and let me introduce myself. My name is Pushpa, I’m 65 years-old and I’m a retired lecturer in accountancy. I found out I had Type 2 diabetes back in 2004. I’d been feeling more thirsty and tired than usual and I was carrying a bit of extra weight, so I went to my GP and was diagnosed.

My family are from Sri Lanka and both my parents developed Type 2 later on in life, so I had some knowledge and awareness of diabetes.

When I was first diagnosed, I tried to manage my blood glucose levels with diet and exercise alone. I’ve always had a pretty good diet, having been vegetarian on and off over the years, but it was a struggle to get my levels within normal range, and after a few years I was prescribed metformin. I had to have various combinations before I found one that suited.

Since my diagnosis, I’m generally more aware of my health. I’m never been someone who sits around and I have been accused of ‘not knowing how to relax’, but I make a really concerted effort to be more active now. I’m a keen gardener and I’m outside as much as possible knowing it’s good exercise. I try to walk regularly – sometimes 2 km at a time – and I feel better after a long walk and my bones ache less. I also love cooking, so spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I eat more fish now, plenty of fresh vegetables and I’m really into fruit smoothies.

My husband and I also look after my 20-month old grandson once a fortnight, and he definitely keeps us active. We take him to the playground, feed the ducks and take him to his swimming lessons, not to mention all the running around we do with him at home.

My husband was also diagnosed with Type 2 after a routine blood test in 2012. Thankfully, he has taken it seriously and we support each other by making sure we regularly attend our health checks and keep on top of all our appointments.

Back in November, I received an email about the Living with Diabetes Days so I went along and found it interesting. My husband couldn’t attend the event, but I’ve shared the information with him and it’s rubbing off. I think the knowledge I gained from the event benefits him too, and we’re working well together to keep on top of our diabetes.

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