Going on a school trip is the best thing ever by Holly Rose


Holly-rose-150x150What a month it’s been! To think that I can say that I have finally seen my dream place in real life is just amazing, I can’t believe that I can now say I have been to New York. The fabbest place ever doesn’t disappoint.

Going to New York with the school was definitely a scary thought at first. But, mostly only because I have never had to deal with all my needles and anything else related to diabetes before so far away. I have to say it was weird for me to have to carry all my needles through myself in the airport, as usually my Dad will carry all the spares in his bag for me.

I’m always really nervous when it comes to security with my needles, I don’t know why. I guess it’s just because I never know what the person will be like who is on the security and whether they will make a big deal out of it or not. I had my letter off the hospital all ready with me and I was so prepared to explain why I needed everything and all the rest, and then they never even give it a second thought. When I got to security I was like “Do you need to see this letter because I am carrying insulin as I am diabetic?” and they were like “No its fine, just take your coat and any electrical items and put them in the tray.” Okie doke.

For my birthday in January, my sister got me a New York bag that is like a picnic bag inside so everything stays cool. This was the best thing. I could fit all of my spare needles and insulin, as well as all the Frio Bags. This was a really good thing to have, as it meant I could carry this bag onto the plane with me, as well as my hand luggage. I never knew before that I could have carried an extra bag on the plane, but the airport was fine with it as it had important items in it.

I always love going to America, as they always win when it comes to who has the most variety of drinks that a diabetic can drink without their bloods going through the roof.
It’s always an eye opener when you go abroad, as you see just how much all of my insulin and needles cost. It’s mad to think that people over there have to pay for all this, and all I have to do it send in a prescription. It does make you think of how lucky you are to get all this without having to worry about how much it will cost.

My bloods and diabetes control while there was actually really good. Of course I had the few odd highs however, how could I have said no to all those cookies. The best! For the first few days I kept waking up in the morning with my bloods being low, but I think this was down to the time difference and it was easily managed by having a few jellies and a cereal bar.

Before I went to New York, I had to go through everything with my teacher just so that he knew more about what I would be doing and it also made him more prepared if something would happen. I guess for me, it made me feel more comfortable as I knew if there was ever a problem I would always have someone there who could try and handle the situation if I couldn’t. It also helped that my friends who where there are all aware of my diabetes, and I have known them long enough now for them to understand what I mean when I say I feel low or shaky.

I remember on the first night we were there, I took a bit of a wobbler in the middle of Hard Rock Café. I felt so sick that I couldn’t eat the dinner, and that’s saying something for me! I think people could tell I wasn’t OK and they all made sure that I was feeling better. I asked if I could go and stand outside and straight away a teacher was up and ready to take me outside for some fresh air.

The first thing was is everything OK with my diabetes? I knew it wasn’t that as I only did my bloods about 10 minutes before and they were 8 point something. This is good. To be honest I think I was way too over tired, as we all nearly hadn’t slept for a good 24 hours. Though knowing that teachers with me would always make sure my diabetes was OK definitely made me feel more comfortable, and I know this would have made my Mum and Dad feel more comfortable too. As they were more nervous about me going away then I was. Even though they insisted they weren’t.

I would definitely say that going on holiday with your school is the best thing ever and it’s something I will always remember and have so many fab memories. For me I’d just say, not to ever let the diabetes ever stop you from going places if you can as it gives you the confidence to deal with your diabetes and it makes you realise that it will never stop you doing what you have always wanted. I don’t know whether there is.

However, if someone reading this is thinking about going on a trip with school, then please definitely do it because it’s the most amazing thing ever. It is scary at first as you have to make sure that you have everything you need with you and all the rest, but it really does give you the confidence and makes you aware even more that you can handle your diabetes on your own, and that you don’t always have to have someone there holding your hand.

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