Surviving the Office Party – by Helen May

It’s coming up for Christmas so I wanted to write something seasonal. Christmas means so much: time to spend with our families, time to sing carols, time to give and receive presents and time for Christmas Parties.

Picture the scene: the DJ is playing another ABBA/Steps/S Club track; another glass of wine/gin and tonic/pint of beer is being drunk; and there’s still food left on the buffet table. Most of the crisps have gone but there are still some soggy slices of quiche and curling sandwiches and, if you’re lucky, someone has bought out the cake.

After all that enthusiastic (but not necessarily good) dancing, you’re feeling hungry. Not very hungry but how could you refuse a nibble?

The buffet table is still half full and your friends are standing next to it helping themselves to another sausage roll. So you join in. You have a mince pie … and fifteen minutes later, a slice of Christmas cake … and as you get engrossed in some office gossip, 30 minutes later you help yourself to some cheese and biscuits … and then after an energetic bop to Katrina and the Waves, another mince pie and then …. once the smooch to George Michael’s Last Christmas is over, another mince pie and… Nothing much each time so you don’t worry about it.

But I do have to think about it. I have to track every bit of food I eat. I have to continue counting carbs and measuring insulin and finding an opportune moment to inject. And at the same time I have to consider the affects of the wine I’m drinking and the carbs in the sobering orange juice and all the dodgy dancing is exercise to consider.

It’s not enough to stop me joining in and having fun. Some of the people I join around the buffet table don’t know I have diabetes so I assume I am not holding back. Just something else to consider at Christmas time … but it’s not as difficult as coming up with another interesting present for my brother (I’d welcome any suggestions :-)).

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Hi Helen,
Good Blog.
Interesting thoughts.
I also have to work harder at this time of year to keep the carb/insulin balance at an acceptable level.
Personal discipline is harder still when others seem to let themselves go a bit more at this time of year.
I try to do the balance with taking additional exercise – which I actually enjoy – by walking outdoors even more – ideally with other friends to get the social and physical and mental benefits.
Contolled diet (difficult) + more exercise (enjoyable) against taking more insulin (not to be encouraged).
Keep writing. this good stuff – as this is the first time I’ve picked up your Blog (via the online Society Guardian).
Have a great Christmas and brilliant New New Year.