Know Your Facts campaign

Today Diabetes UK Cymru is launching a new campaign to improve people’s understanding of diabetes. Called Know Your Facts, we are launching the campaign by sending 50,000 postcards – one for every person with undiagnosed diabetes in Wales – to every doctor’s surgery and pharmacy here.

Facts on the postcard include that there is no mild form of diabetes and that children can have diabetes without being overweight as Type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented.

The postcard also explains the many ways in which people can contact us to find out more about diabetes, whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter or over the phone.

We based the campaign on feedback from our members and the people we meet as time and time again they tell us how frustrated they feel about the ignorance surrounding the condition.

In addition, the postcards also encourage people to take Diabetes UK’s simple online Diabetes Risk Score test to find out if they are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Cardiff Blues and Wales rugby player Jamie Roberts, who is training to be a doctor, and BBC Radio Wales presenter Chris Needs MBE, who has Type 2 diabetes, have both given up their time to show their support for the campaign and we’d like to thank them for doing so. We’ve also asked Welsh Assembly Members (AMs) to show their support.

We hope that the postcards, coupled with the support of AMs, Chris Needs MBE and Jamie Roberts, will help us spell out the facts about diabetes and improve awareness about the condition throughout Wales.

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