Another year… 2015 – by Holly Rose


i logo 80x80So 2015 is here, and I hope everyone will have an amazing year. For me this year with diabetes, will be the start of me using the OmniPod, which I am really looking forward to starting. I have been waiting, what seems ages for this pump now, and I will be very happy to see how life with diabetes will change once I have made the move onto this. Now it isn’t the best year for this I have to be honest, the main reason really for me thinking this is because of my GCSEs, which are just around the corner. I wouldn’t say it’s the best time; however, when is? I would have probably been starting to go on it sooner however, I am going on holiday with my school in February and I didn’t think that it would be the best idea to go on my first holiday with the OmniPod without my family being there. However, I should be starting quite shortly after I come home off the holiday, which means I will have about two months to really focus on how it all works and what works best for me before all the stress of exams kicks in.

To think it is 2015 already, and that this year I will have been diagnosed with diabetes for 8 years. It has gone so fast! The difference I can see with my diabetes control each year is so noticeable, I can really see that I get even more confident with handling it myself and making sure everything is ok. But to be honest, I think that’s what managing diabetes is all about, it’s to be able to learn how to manage having it yourself and being able to trust yourself in how much insulin you’re taking, what to eat, or just anything that’s generally involved with having diabetes and your life that goes with it.

This year will be the year that I will be leaving school and heading off to college, which I feel too young to be saying. This will be a new change in my life and one where I will have to get use to controlling my diabetes in new surroundings. One thing for me will be leaving everyone that has known about my diabetes for a very long time, many since the first day I got diagnosed. It always gives you that confidence to be able to know that if something goes wrong with my diabetes, then there will always be somewhere there that is very familiar with the situation and will sort of know what to do or who to take me to. For me, I have never been a person to feel ashamed about people knowing about me having diabetes and I am not bothered about letting people know about what it is and how to deal with it. Now that doesn’t mean to say that I will walk into college and the first thing I say is “Hi I’m Holly… Oh, and I’m a type 1 diabetic!” But when I feel like I need to tell them what I have, then I know that I will be fully capable in doing this. From applying for colleges over the past few months, I have also noticed that they always ask if there are any medical conditions and they will always make sure that they will do everything they can to support my diabetes so that life can be as normal as possible.

My new year’s resolutions this year, is to help anyone who is either newly diagnosed or had it for many years, to be able to feel comfortable with their diabetes and not to be scared of it. As I know that one thing I loved about when I was newly diagnosed, was to speak to people who were diabetic, and they really helped me in how I should be managing it and to feel a lot more comfortable about it. If there are any questions as always I will try and answer as well as I can. You can find me on Twitter @hollyxny.

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