Walking on the Moon (part 2) – Helen May


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Eight o’clock on a barmy Saturday night in May, I joined thousands of other women and a few men dressed in our highly decorated bras (I didn’t mention the Bra Decorating Party? – not really a diabetes thing) gathered at Hyde Park Corner for a few hours finding friends, eating pasta, warming up, … Finally, at 11:30pm we were off on the Moon Walk: a 26 mile walk around London in aid of Breast Cancer.

The first half was busy. The streets were still full of party goers (including the guy in Chelsea who at 2am asked his mates to wait as he cheered on “these wonderful ladies”) and the route was interesting (a chance to window shop as we passed Harrods).

At about 3:30am, the “Half Moon” walkers (walking 13 miles instead of the Full Moon of 26 miles) peeled off and the numbers decreased … which reduced the queues for the toilets. Unfortunately, the city was quieter and we were walking along Battersea Road: definitely not the most exciting part of the walk.

As we approached The River Thames, the sun started to come up and we saw the city start to come to life. Once again, there were people along the route cheering us on. Unfortunately, it was also the time when some walkers tired and the first aiders had a job to do. This reminded me of my diabetes and a time for me to take a glucose reading. The reading was lower than I’d expected but, given the amount of walking I’d done whilst eating enough to keep me going but not too much to raise my blood sugars, I wasn’t too disappointed in my body when I needed a couple of dextrose to reach my target levels.

Eight o’clock on a Sunday morning in May, I returned to Hyde Park corner. I had walked 26 miles in eight and half hours. My feet were sore and I was tired. But I still found enough energy to congratulate my fellow walkers and walk back to Paddington station. There I collapse on a train home and ate the muesli bar from my goodie bag.

Less than 5 months after being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I completed the Moon Walk. Instead of sleeping, I spent the night walking the streets of London and raised over a thousand points for Breast Cancer.

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