Diabetes Vs Broken Thumb – By Rachel


I was recently unlucky enough to break one of my thumbs – amazing how you take some things for granted until you lose the use of them isn’t it?

Well, as per usual for my medical life, things haven’t gone quite to plan and its not healing very well and complications have arisen. I wont go into the whole story or we’ll still be here next Christmas! But lets just say I’ve been regularly seeing (various) doctors at the Plastics hand clinic for the past 6 months now, along with weekly trips to a lovely Occupational Therapist at the hospital. Up until now, apart from seeing a different doctor every visit and not getting much progress in my thumb healing, I have not experienced too many problems… until yesterday.

My usual team of outpatients clinic doctors were not there (off sick and on other shifts), so a new duo were in place to cover. I mistakenly thought I was there to have expertise surrounding my thumbs ongoing treatment, but instead faced assumptions and judgements about my other medical issues, including my diabetes which has little to no bearing on my broken bone but will now, at the very least, disrupt and prolong my treatment even further as I battle to get around his decisions and get back on track.

I am somewhat used to the cloud coming over the face, the rolling of the eyes and the muttered under the breath “oh!” when you mention you are a type 2 diabetic. That attitude that we have done this to ourselves with poor lifestyle choices and are now draining the countries NHS resources with our needs and because we are all obese (according to the media), have become an all too common place occurrence in life, at least for me.

This has become a pet hate of mine to say the least. I’ve experienced it many, many times and should be used to it by now, but it still always makes me angry. I am sick and tired of explaining how my diabetes is hereditary on both sides of my family and I was diagnosed in my early 30’s, although they think I have probably had it since at least my teens, if not childhood. Not that we should ever have to explain anything no matter what the origin of our diabetes. But yesterday really got my goat and I stupidly allowed him to get under my skin.

I was not there for a medical opinion, judgement or treatment of my diabetes, which is well under control. I was there for treatment and medical opinion on my broken thumb! Unfortunately, the moment this Consultant learned of my diabetes, along with another medical condition I also happen to have, his mind was made up and he switched gears and rolled his eyes more times than I can count. His attitude has left my medical case in tatters and unresolved.

The whole episode has left me personally quite upset and shaken. Actually, it left me in tears afterwards if I am totally honest, because of his attitude towards me and in his lack of help with my thumb, which is very painful and I am just desperate to get sorted out. All because he chose to have a personal judgement over my other medical issues.

So when I gathered myself together I started to wonder how many others have or are going through similar situations? Like I said, I am somewhat used to this attitude when applied in general terms to my diabetes and fighting for recognition or the right care but this is the first time I have had it when in respect of an entirely separate medical condition, not related.

How many others are facing these kinds of issues where diabetes is affecting their treatment within the NHS for other medical problems?

What do you do when faced with this kind of situation? How do you go up against a doctor of standing in a situation like this?

Usually my blogs are of a much more positive, jovial manner than this but this man has left me in a place of questions and anger. I am sure I cannot be the only one! So please comment your experiences or feelings, I for one would love to hear them!

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