The price we pay – By Victoria Bartlett

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You have to forgive my absence I am still in hospital and haven’t been in the best health. I finally got my Jejunostomy, the feeding tube in my stomach, which is needed but it failed, blocked, doesn’t work, kaput It will need replacing , so another operation, I haven’t seen a surgeon about yet – it’s the bank holiday week, everything stops.

But, in life nothing really stops, but someone needs to tells parts of the NHS. I find it hard to understand that services and departments, can offer such a limited cover, at weekends and bank holidays. The nurses continue as though any other day, but trying to get treatment or tests over a weekend or bank holiday is impossible unless it is a real emergency. As diabetics we are constantly being told to take responsibility for our own condition. But how can we do this if sometime the help and support we may need is not there because our condition does not keep office hours. As usual I suspect it comes to money, but then wouldn’t it be more cost effective in the long run to get these things done, when they were needed thereby emptying beds and providing treatment quicker so that recovery is better? Or am I just delirious?

Something else I have be some aware of as a frequent flyer in hospital in the deepening chasm between hospitals and GPs over who pays the drugs bill when a patient is in hospital? I saw this a few years ago, I was in hospital and I was asked by the pharmacist if his Lordship ( my husband) could bring in any of my medication from home. The hospital then used that medication throughout my stay. Nothing in wrong in that you would think, after all it was provided and prescribed at the right rates and made life easier for patient and nurse. After discharge, when I went back to a see former GP he was not happy that the hospital had used medication that he said was “paid for with his budget.”
Indeed it is nowadays very common practice when you go into hospital to be asked to take your medication with you, is this so the medics can be sure you are getting the right medications or to save a trust bob or two? Every few days I get asked by hospital pharmacists if any of my medication can be bought in from home. Even though I can recite my medications on command, dosages and when they are taken. So do I get my medication bought it in from home and face the wrath of my GP, when they realise their budget is being used to help fund the hospital, or do I face the wrath that my drugs are coming out of the hospital drugs budget? But isn’t it so the same pot now? I noted that the The Royal Pharmaceutical Society is due to shortly hold their annual conference so maybe this’ll something they are getting involved with. Be very interesting to see where this leads. It is certainly not going to be a sugar coated pill.

Finally I wanted to sneak in a massive congratulation to Birmingham (Warwickshire) Bears on winning the Natwest Blast T20 Cricket. I was absolutely devastated I was not allowed out of hospital to go and watch. Sometimes it’s the small things with a condition like Gastroparesis that cost you the most.

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