Introducing Holly


Hiya, my names Holly I’m 15 years old and well…. I’ve got type 1 diabetes and have been diagnosed for 7 years.

Diabetes doesn’t control my life, I control the diabetes! When someone asks me what diabetes is, I say “It’s something that doesn’t stop your life, and will never stop you from doing what you want to do”.
This blog will hopefully give a sense of encouragement to anyone who either lives with diabetes or knows someone who has. Since an early staged in my diabetes, I’ve known that the main thing I would love to do is tell people my story and my day to day life with diabetes. The Doctors I have are amazing, but I don’t think it’s just me, but does everyone like to hear someone who has actually got diabetes tell you a little about what diabetes may have in store for your life?

I was in year 3 when I got diagnosed, and to be honest I never knew or heard about this thing that means I have to have needles, and my pancreas has stopped getting the postman delivering insulin before. Don’t get me wrong, I never fully accepted it at first, and still today I say “Why me, why was it me who has to face the big diabetes?” But we all have to think this, there was a reason I got this and maybe that reason was because I was the perfect person to deal with this and hopefully be able to make a change for the better. My blog will never sugar coat things, I will always try and be honest and hopefully answer questions that have been stressing you out and lurking around in your heads.

My main events I will look at in diabetes, is the ones through a teenagers life. Stress of exams, going away on school trips, being with friend, school life, and just general growing up and having your body changed while dealing with the diabetes.

I have grown up with diabetes; it’s a part of my life now, and its apart of everyone’s life that knows someone or is close to someone with diabetes. But trust me it doesn’t stop you and it gets easier as you learn!

HollyRose x

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So proud of you Holly! Hard to read this as its something that you think/feel yourself! Yes there is a reason you have diabetes and I agree and always have thought your going to be someone kids your age can relate to and feel positive towards diabetes and make them feel that it isnt a bad thing as its so easy to overcome and make a normal everyday!
Like I said I am so proud and wish you all the luck with your blogs xxxx

Wow Holly your page is fab how proud I am to know you. You are an inspiration to others and to us who have no worries like you. You just get on with things and have a lovely nature about you. You are very talented too in your design and technology so yes maybe you were chosen because you carry on as normal and can take what comes your way.

Well done

Love Pauline and the Donovans ( a very proud family friend) xx

Hi Holly i was working with ur nan when ur were diagnosed with this . And we all were so worried abt you and how you would cope, you have been so brave even when ur toenails were bad… you are a credit to yourself your parents and grandparents and your sophie. I think your right about why me it was because ypu were theright person …so keep being strong and writing this blog
Angela x x