Why I chose to be a Diabetes Voice & Service Champion – By Terry Nougher Fuller


Terry Nougher-Fuller is a Diabetes Voice and Service Champion from Rotherham, here he shares his own experience of being involved with his local NHS.

Why did you decide to join Diabetes Voices?
Care has improved beyond all recognition in the 48 years since I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes but the need to develop better services continues to grow as current lifestyles cause an explosion in the numbers of people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.
I firmly believe that better education about the condition, its risks and avoidance, as well as better care and treatment can make a big difference, but faced with that apparently uphill struggle, even the most ardent of us can feel powerless to intervene
I joined Diabetes Voices as I wanted to be part of a growing movement where everyone of us can add something.

You are a Diabetes UK Service Champion in Rotherham. Have you noticed any improvements in your area since working with the network?
Being a Services Champion has enabled me to bring the Patients experiences, needs and problems to those who have the responsibility for providing the service. The response so far has been entirely positive.
The Eye Screening service in our area was failing so badly a couple of years ago that it made the front page of the local newspaper. We collected the evidence, campaigned on it and took the facts to the local authority and others. We were very pleased to be asked to work closely with local healthcare professionals to help to improve things and by working together we were able to get a grip on the situation and transform the care being offered locally.,

What is your focus/goal for the next year?
There are massive changes underway in the NHS but these can be opportunities to improve care for all diabetes patients if we keep our eye on that goal. My focus for the coming year will be to make sure that retinal screening services continue to provide people in South Yorkshire with the care they deserve. We have to be prepared to change with the times and although details will change, our overall goals remain the same.

What advice would you give to other people who want to get involved?
If you a want to improve the care for people with diabetes, then join a local group and get involved. Any knowledge and experience you may have is valuable to others and you will be surprised how much more you will learn yourself in the process and where your journey may take you.
As a Service Champion, understand what your role in the committee or group is. It is much easier to achieve something if you know what you are aiming for and how you can contribute to achieving it.

If you would like to help influence diabetes care where you live, join Diabetes Voices. We will give you support and training to help you campaign and influence for better diabetes care where you live. Join here.

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