Why did you decide to join Diabetes Voices?


Roy Johnson, a Diabetes Voice from Surrey attended an All Party Parliamentary Group on Diabetes in March 2012 and spoke about his personal experience of amputation.

Here, Roy shares his story:

Why did you decide to join Diabetes Voices?
It seemed like an effective way to get my voice heard about things that affect a lot of people.

How did you get involved with speaking at the All Party Parliamentary Group for Diabetes meeting?
Once I became a Diabetes Voice I started to receive information about opportunities to get involved. As I’ve had problems with my feet, I applied to get involved.

What did you do at the event?
I prepared a 7 minute presentation about what foot care I’d received and what impact having amputations has had on my life.

How did it go?
Apart from leaving my glasses in the car, it went very well! Luckily I had printed my speech in very large print so that I could look around and read whilst presenting! I got positive feedback that by taking part I helped MPs and Peers attending understand amputation’ from a patients point of view.

Why do you think people living with diabetes should be involved in All Party Parliamentary Group for Diabetes meetings?
Collective voices are louder than a single voice.

What will you be doing to support Diabetes UK’s foot campaign this year?
The Guildford and South West Surrey group have invited Proffessor.Mike Edmunds of King’s College to speak at our meeting on the 15th October about foot care and raise awareness of the campaign and what people with diabetes need to do to look after their feet. We’ll also be using the Diabetes Voices Foot Campaign Toolkit to take action when it’s launched in June.

What advice would you give to other people who want to get involved?
DO IT! You can never have too many people banging the drum about diabetes and the complications it can have on quality of life if people just ignore it.

If you are interested in taking part in similar opportunities or would like to find out how you can campaign for better diabetes care sign up to Diabetes Voices. Join here.

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