I Can…give you a moment – By Victoria Bartlett


Life and Disorder

For my Diabetes Week I can blog, I have decided to do something a little different. Rather than sharing the latest episode in my life, I want to give you something – a moment. This is from a day I shared with my Father a few months before he died. It was one of those days, that sometimes come from nowhere, they move you and make you take a breath and stop your mad life for a moment. This is a poem I wrote after my Dad and I went to Herefordshire to watch the wild Red Kites being fed. So I can give you my moment…..

Red Kites (For Gerald)

They were primitive that day,
The Red Kites that wheeled and soared in the heaven.
They came to earth to eat
To tear raw flesh and feed
And trust in those that fed but could not tame them.
They were boisterous
And quietening as they settled.
Still a presence in the days white sound.
And all at once sated and done
They fled to the skies
Like some large cloud
Moving as one and then in separation
Each taking the solitary path
That leads them to their way

And you and I stopped a while to watch the kites
We gloried at their freedom
And shared in the captivity
Like one man’s life once unbound and unfettered
Then all at once timed and harnessed to the world.
And now still moving as one
We take to the skies
And in separation you take your solitary path
That leads you on your way
Still wheeling and soaring.

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